Chapter IX (Part Three) : Ena - Fiery Nightmares ☲

The wind howled through the still air, causing goosebumps to rise on Ena's skin. A shiver rippled through her and her pace quickened. She wanted to go see her parents but as much as she desired for it, she knew that if she made a mistake of going back home at the wrong time - she might get caught.

Ena turned around the curb, and arrived at the entrance of the cemmetery. Looking through the open gaps between the beams of the gate, she could make out unclean setting inside.

The ground was filled with dead and old autumn leaves - a season that had long passed. Spider webs clung to the surface of the iron gates, springing into view when the moonlight allowed it to.

It was clear that the area had not been taken care of. The sight was disheartening but it didn't stop Ena from hoisting herself onto a foothold. She slung herself over, her slim body landing on the other side softly. Patting the dust off her clothes, she stood up and headed down the covered pathway.

The End

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