Chapter IX (Part Two) : Ena - Fiery Nightmares ☲

The rustle of the dry leaves on the sidewalk was the only thing faintly Earth-like that kept her going. Ena didn't want to question what in the world she was doing, not yet anyways. If her grandmother knew, she'd probably ground her for the rest of her life. For a girl to walking around outside at night-time was dangerous. And she was alone.

Or was she?

Ena looked down at her hands, the finger-tips that still tingled in their funny way. She'd discovered something today - something she feared posesession of. Fire was dangerous, everyone knew that. But to have it somehow projected from inside of her was outright suicide. Who knew what she could do with it; who she could harm?

But her subconcious called out to her - calling for an escape. The power of the fire had embedded itself into her deepest desires, wishing to just get let out.

Free flames, dangerous dances.

But Ena didn't want that.

Her subconcious was the only thing that she felt she had for herself. And she wouldn't let anything take that away from her.

The End

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