Chapter IX : Ena - Fiery Nightmares ☲

Chapter IX

Ena - Fiery Nightmares

A silver disc lay in the sky, shadowed by white pillows of mist that surrounded it. The rays of the moon filtered through the pockets of the clouds and on the neighborhood. It was dead silent; not  a soul about. But no one saw the small and cloaked figure that moved along the paths of the dark.

Ena tried camouflaging into the setting of the night. She was wearing a dark red jacket that went with the color of her hair and black skinny jeans. The only thing that could have caught anyone's eye was the pale marble-like complexion of her skin. It stood out in the dark, but just barely as she moved with the shadows.

Ena wanted to find a release, somewhere she could vent out all her feelings without the watchful eyes of her grandmother. The only place she could ever remember of being a comfort to her was the cemmetery. Her parents were there, and she felt their presence with her. Visiting a graveyard during the stark middle of the night did seem like a rather crazy option at first but Ena wanted to see her parents again.

And she would.

The End

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