Chapter VIII (Part Eleven) : Camden - Shifting Inside ☰

Camden could see the struggle in her eyes. She didn't want to leave her brother alone, and frankly, she was suspicious of the sudden change in him. But he gave her a nod, a promise for her to trust him and so she did. Sighing, she closed the door with a soft click behind her.

Immediately, he followed his instincts. Body overtaking him, he ran out the porch and through the open grounds, in the direction of the forest. Something compelled him, attracted him to it as his thudding feet against the floor led the way.

If he were sane enough to question his actions, he would have but his mind was clouded by the urge to fill his wish. After about five minutes of delving deeper into the forest, his feet slowed down and he walked slowly, trying to catch his breath. He was getting closer to his target - he could sense it.

The woods stretched out infinitely on either side of him and he was lost - he knew it. But Camden was following his mind, which is what had led him here. None of it made sense but it's as if he was somehow bound to follow it.

Rounding the corner of a tree, he looked around, eyes skimming past the several bushes. He hadn't seen whatever he'd been hoping for yet. Just as he was about to look around some more, he felt something press against his side - sharp.

"Move and you die."

The End

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