Chapter VIII (Part Ten) : Camden - Shifting Inside ☰

But that wasn't what Camden was aiming to do today. In fact, instead of going out on one of their field trips like usual, he was planning to just relax a little and have a few breathers. The past week had been rather stressful for him at school, and he felt sore after the evens of the previous night. Sky-diving, as thrilling as it sounded, didn't appeal to him.

Instead, Camden followed his sister to one of the many side-verendas of the house, where they spotted the familiar figure of their mother.

Mrs. Rosenburg was more than delighted to see her children as she bounded towards them, a happy smile on her face as she pulled them into her arms.

"I'm so glad to see you!"

They hugged her back, but their mother yanked Camden away, scolding him, "I told you to buzz me so I could let you in! Why go through the whole breaking-and-entering theme?"

He shrugged, grinning as he slipped his hands into his pockets. "I guess it's just fun that way."

Smiling, their mother led the two towards the inside of the house, to say 'hello' to their stepfather and step-brothers. But something held Camden back. A breeze that rustled through the still air reached him, and he took a step back in its direction. It was calling out to him, urging him to follow the wind, and a voice echoed through his head.


Jerking his head back, he saw his sister, watching him strangely and expectant. "Are you coming in or what?"


He paused, turning back to look towards the forest. Trepidation increased inside his chest as an unknown desire swept over him, spiralling in his chest.

"I...I'll be right back. You go ahead, I'll meet you guys inside. Okay?"

He waited for his sister to nod and leave the room, but she hesitated. What was going on?

The End

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