Chapter VIII (Part Eight) : Camden - Shifting Inside ☰

And it did. Camden's mother had chosen the right person to marry for her second attempt at love. Mr. Rosenburg, being the heir to one of the most famous business men in the world, had property, gold and money at his feet just waiting to be used. After having a failed marraige with his first wife, he'd met Camden's mother and had fallen head over heels for the simplicity of the woman.

And that had taken her somewhere that no one in the family had expected.

The lush forestry around the estate was the only thing connected to the nature of the suburb that it was located in. On the inside, the premise was filled with modern features that one wouldn't expect to see outside of the city - there was a miniature stadium that surrounded a football field, and another around a tennis court. There was also a large swimming pool - the one you'd find in an expensive five star hotel.

And of course, a helipad.

It was all so very normal for Camden and Claira though. At first, they'd been startled at the life they were welcomed to live with their mother. One of riches they'd never gotten to experience before. It was tempting, very, very tempting. But they wanted to be there for their father, to support him through the divorce. After all, it was their mother who had first proposed the seperation.

She'd been hurt that her children had chosen their father over her - but she also understood the reason why. But that didn't stop her from insisting that they visit her and the new family she'd established regularly.

Not many people liked the idea of change, especially not Camden. But he hadn't really been given options then.

The End

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