Chapter VIII (Part Seven) : Camden - Shifting Inside ☰

"Well that was fast," Claira said, wide-eyed as she stood up and followed her brother out of the train. They set foot on the familiar station that they'd been in only just a week ago. But oddly enough, it was quiet and almost desserted. Only a few people were walking around or checking the train schedules. Even though this was the suburban part of the country, it usually had some action going on which is why the eerie silence of the station was rather unnerving for the two.

"Do you think it's a special event or something?" Claira asked, her eyes scanning the almost completely vacant station. Camden shrugged in reply, slipping his hand into his sister's before tugging her towards the exit. "Come on, we don't want to be late."

Camden took out his cell phone and sent their mother a message, notifying her that the two of them were on their way. They had to catch a cab, who asked for quite a high price knowing that his customers were from the city.

"We'll negotiate with you later, but for right now, can we get a lift or not?"

Sighing, the driver let them in and soon, they were zooming away in the direction of their mother's mansion.

Though she lived in the rural area, that didn't mean she'd lost any more of a luxury than she would have had in the city. Just by looking at the compound of the highly-prestiged estate, anyone would figure that the area belonged to someone of a very respected social status.

The End

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