Chapter VIII (Part Six) : Camden - Shifting Inside ☰

"Huh?" Camden's attention was still fixed on the guy, until his sister pinched him quite hard on the arm. Distracted, he turned to face her, eyebrows raised slightly. "What?"

"Cam, you're so protective of me," she said, laughing a little. "I know you have the whole 'she's my little sister thing' going on but you have to loosen up a little."

"Loosen up and watch guys attempt at flirting with you?" He retorted sarcastically.

A cheesy grin lit up her face and she nodded, twirling a strand of her black hair with her finger. "You can't blame them if I'm so unbelievably attractive."

Camden rolled his eyes, muttering a remark back at her, "They don't know half of the crap they'll have to put up with. Most of the male species don't."

Claira pouted and slapped her brother lightly on the shoulder as he grinned down at her and poked her on the cheek. "I was only kidding."

The next hour passed rather quickly, much to the relief of the two. Claira had distracted Camden well enough, not even giving him a chance to glower at the group of teenage boys that stood nearby. They joked around, having a good laugh from time to time. So they were rather surprised when they'd arrived at their destination.

The End

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