Chapter VIII (Part Five) : Camden - Shifting Inside ☰

It took quite a while for everyone to settle down. The seats were occupied by several adults, which left a large fraction of the teenagers standin and gripping onto the supporting handles. Most of them were boys, which worried Camden. He made his way through, bumping into several people who whined and snapped at him.

It was only until he saw Claira did he get any peace. Her brown eyes were slightly alarmed when they met his worried ones, and she opened her mouth to ask what was wrong to only have the answer come right at her.

One of the boys standing nearby slightly nudged her on the hip and by the murderous glare that Camden shot him, Claira smelled the symptoms of another fight. But before it could get aggravated, she grabbed Camden's hands and led him to a more secluded area of the compartment.

There were a few free seats and she plopped down on one, tugging at Camden's sleeve. But his full concentration was on the imbecile that was still occasionally glancing at his sister.

"Will you stop being so over-protective?"

The End

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