Chapter VIII (Part Four) : Camden - Shifting Inside ☰

They got to the subway station within ten minutes, tipping off the driver before entering the crowded and congested block of the underground metro. Camden hated to be in places like these - packed with loads of people who walked around, busy with their own lives. It was loud, cramped and almost suffocating for him. There was no space - no real place to just pause for a second, and take a nice and deep breath.

And that's exactly what Camden hated the most about going to his mother's - taking the subway was a real pain.

The two of them had made it just on the nick of time. Their train was pulling up as they passed through, tickets in hand. The noisy chatter of people around them got on Camden's nerves but he pushed the irritation aside. This was life in the city, he'd have to get used to it.

The two were practically clobbered as they were pushed through the doors of the train. They'd been seperated, Camden shoved to the left side of the compartment whereas Claira was on the other. He'd have to wait for the train to move before he could even as try to get close to her again.

The subway wasn't necessarily a safe place for girls - not in this time. And he won't have his eyes off his sister for even a second, not after what had happened.

The End

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