Chapter VIII (Part Three) : Camden - Shifting Inside ☰

"Fine, fine," Camden muttered, raising his hands up on either side of him in surrendur. "You don't have to use the guilt-play on me, alright? Claira and I will go without you, as usual."

His father didn't say anything more but a quick 'goodbye' before heading out the front door and to work. This left the whole house empty and abandoned - just for Claira and Camden. For most teenagers, this might seem like a rather tempting opportunity to do something wacky. But to the two that were picking at their food, it didn't excite them as much.

They lounged about the house, watching movies, working on their homework and doing their chores. But then the time came for the both of them to get ready to visit their mother.

"What do you think we'll do this time?" Camden asked his sister, refreshing through the previous memories of their very action-packed visits.

"I remember mom saying something about sky-diving...but you can never be too sure with her." Claira shrugged, taking her copy of the house key as they both walked out the front door, and tailed down a cab.

The End

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