Chapter VIII (Part Two) : Camden - Shifting Inside ☰

His parents were divorced, happily divorced actually. And though Camden and Claira felt grateful to have their family lives in a fairly 'stable' mode, the thought of visiting their stepfather and his two sons always irritated them. Their mother they could put up with. But the skunk of a man that she'd married? He was a whole other issue.

After his shower, Camden got dressed quickly into a short-sleeve V-neck t-shirt that hugged his upper body and into the casual jeans. Looking at the mirror, his reflection was satisfactory enough; jet black hair falling in front of his forehead in it's usually untidy manner, and the hint of a blush playing on his face.

Slipping his hands into his pocket, he bounced downstairs and announced a soft 'good morning' that reached the ears of his sister and father who were both sat inside the kitchen.

"Good morning to you too! Do you see what time it is Cam?" His dad asked without even giving his son a decent smile.

"Yes, yes, I know. You're going to be late. Dad, you don't have to lecture me. Besides, Claira and I should be angry at you. Why don't you ever join us in these 'family meetings'?" Camden retorted, sitting down on the chair as he reached for the warm toast on his sister's plate.

"You both know I'm working this job to let us have a comfortable home and somewhat of a survival. Don't you two appreciate that?"

Ah, there he goes again - pulling out the card.

The End

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