Chapter VII (Part Seven) : Daphne - The Right Place to Look for a Friend ☷

But this...this wasn't weird. It was spectacular.

Daphne turned to face the squirrel who stood still, pointy teeth showing as his mouth was pulled into an impish grin.

"Thank you," she whispered, grateful.

He waved it away with one of his paws and then held the other one up, as if to say 'wait' before scurrying off into the deeper part of the woods again. But this time, Daphne didn't feel incapable as she had before.

She'd answered her own question, that rang through her head: What have I done?

Daphne had made a friend, in the least likely of places, and she'd connected with nature - in a more literal way than anyone could possibly imagine.

The best part about it was that it felt good - it made her feel complete for the first time in her life. She'd found herself.

The End

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