Chapter VII (Part Six) : Daphne - The Right Place to Look for a Friend ☷

She shut her eyes tightly as she pressed her feet against the rich soil. It was warm, but not in a way that stung her. Instead, the open cracks of her skin flooded in with a sensation. It tingled, but in a good way. She let her hands fall to her side, palms nestling against the surface of the ground as she sighed.

Pain was replaced by relief, and Daphne could feel her feet patch up again - almost like it was healing itself. When she felt the tingling fade away, she crossed her legs, bending over to the right to look at her soles.


Shock wasn't what hit her at the start but wonder. She didn't question anything, instead she poked around at her heel. Daphne had healed her injury, thanks to Mr. Squirrel's advice. It didn't sound as strange to her as she repeated the event in her mind - her life had always been a little weird.

The End

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