Chapter VII (Part Three) : Daphne - The Right Place to Look for a Friend ☷

Before she could plunge into her web of thoughts once more, she heard that familiar squeak. This time, it wasn't from above her. Daphne's blue eyes directed to the ground, and standing only about two feet away from her was a squirrel.

Daphne almost laughed at herself, to think she'd jumped at that. But as she continued to look at the squirrel as it stared back at her with its dark brown eyes, she couldn't help but for a smile to make its way to her lips.

Daphne had always had a soft spot for animals; partly because they were the only friendly creatures on the faces of the Earth to her. When she was in the orphanage and she'd be hanging around with the others in the backyard, none of them would talk to her or give her company.

But squirrels, rabbits, and sometimes even baby birds would make their way to her and communicate. As funny as it had been the first few times, the beings of the forest were the only sources of solace to her at those times.

Daphne recognized the squirrel to be her old friend, and when she smiled, she could have sworn she saw him give her a toothy grin.

The End

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