Chapter VII (Part Two) : Daphne - The Right Place to Look for a Friend ☷

Daphne jumped in surprise which caused the animal to scurry away. She hadn't been able to make out what exactly it was but judging by its size, she presumed it to be harmless. She wrapped her arms around her, rubbing them against the skin on which goosebumps had erupted.

There's nothing you can't handle, Daph.

She reassured herself in her mind, then tentatively looked back up. Her eyes didn't meet the sight she'd been expecting. The animal had run away - it was as simple as that. Shrugging to herself, she rubbed her hands together.

The night was growing chilly, cool winds flying through the forestry and to her. But the warmth of the ground underneath her was all that helped Daphne feel at home.

Though she'd been denying it, something about the forest welcomed her. It had called out to her before and now that she was here, she wasn't as scared as she should be. Being a girl of action, she would have put more of an attempt into making her way out if she really was that scared. But she wasn't. And that confused her.

The End

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