Chapter VII : Daphne - The Right Place to Look for a Friend ☷

Chapter VII

Daphne - The Right Place to Look for a Friend

The air was cool, scented with touches of the nature that surrounded Daphne as she sat still on the ground, experimenting with her injured foot. Almost two hours had passed, with no avail to Daphne as she'd been trying to hop around, or move an inch but everytime she tried, it would only hurt further.

Sighing, she muttered to herself in a tone of disappointment, "What have I done?"

She'd been overconfident, thinking that fending for herself would be much easier. But she'd under-rated everything. Her plan had been an epic failure - leading her to the last place she'd thought of ever going to.

Excluding the fact that it was rather peaceful, and quiet, and unusually comforting to her - she couldn't push the fear out of her mind that some rabid animal might come and tear her limbs apart. Or the scenario of her slowly wasting away in hunger.

This was no home to Daphne, she had no idea where to go to get some food that won't have her skin break out in rashes.

If only I had a friend...

Sighing, she rested the back of her head against the tree, and looked up at the wide branches, past which shone the moonlight. The 'lord of the night', as she personally referred to the moon, was high in the mass blanket of darkness. It appeared larger almost, rounded. She admired its beauty, and smiled to herself.

But then, out of nowhere, popped a small brown head.

The End

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