Chapter VI (Part Six): Kai - Ripples on the Surface ☵

Kai had never felt this way in his life. The water surged through his veins, as equally as the blood as he felt a calm but heart-pounding thrill settle into him. It took him to a whole new level of feeling powerful. He'd always been looked down upon by his family but he felt sky-high, almost omnipotent if he dared to say.

When he made his way to the building, he felt reluctant to step out of the precipitation that welcomed him and into the dreary atmosphere of an examination hall. But even though something inside him, something beautiful had been unleashed, his practical human side took over for that decision.

Sighing, he pushed his way through the glass doors and entered the building. People inside paused to stare at him, shock flooding across their faces. It's not raining outside - it's beating swords from the sky. How could he possibly be drenched?

Kai smiled to himself as he walked through the crowd and towards the room where his exam was to be held. They wouldn't get it, they lived by the rules and boundaries they'd set up.

But Kai knew what he'd experienced wasn't impossible - in fact, a lot of things didn't seem to be anymore. His life had changed, possibly for the better. He could sense it.

The End

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