Chapter VI (Part Five): Kai - Ripples on the Surface ☵

On either side of him poured icy-rock pebbles from the sky, sharp and deadly if one stood without cover. But Kai didn't feel anything but water as it fell down on him, disintegrating from sleet to tear-drops of rain just seconds before it hit him. Looking down, a puddle started to form near his feet, growing larger by each second.

He could see his reflection - frowning in confusion but with a hint of wonder on his face. Kai wasn't sure if he was dreaming, and he even pinched himself to find out but as blood seeped through a small tear in his skin, he knew it wouldn't get any more real than this.

Ripples broke out on the surface of the small pond as he started to take a few steps forward. Nothing changed - the hail turned to water as it poured down on him. He knew that if he stood there, to question what was happening, he'd be late.

So he broke into a run, towards the direction of the building in which the exam would be held. But as he did, shoes squeaking noisily as water absorbed in his socks, he felt strength flood into him. A new shower of positive emotions that had a smile play on his face.  Each drop of water was another surge of confidence.

It broke through the surface he'd been containing himself in for so long...


The End

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