Chapter VI (Part Four): Kai - Ripples on the Surface ☵

He shook his head, trying to shove those thoughts from his mind.

You have an exam! Concentrate you dimwit! He scolded himself.

And that's exactly what Kai tried to do for the next hour as he looked through several past examination papers, solving questions and revising his notes for his exam. However, questions continued to spring up in his mind, questions that distracted him from his studies.

Running his hands through his wet hair, he tugged at the ends of his strands in frustration. Seconds ticked by that turned into quick minutes, and soon the moment of truth was upon him.

With only fifteen more minutes left till the exam, he would have to leave right that second to make it in time to the exam hall. This time, when Kai stepped outside, he didn't use the umbrella. A part of him thought that he was insane, thought he'd imagined what he'd felt.

But this time he knew better than to deny it. Because as the slivers of the rain trickled down his skin, he knew something was definitely wrong.

The End

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