Chapter VI (Part Three): Kai - Ripples on the Surface ☵

The library was only about five minutes away by walking, so if he ran fast enough, he might just make it without hurting himself too much. Kai took a deep breath, deciding not to have second thoughts about it as he plunged into the pebbles of icey precipitation.

His umbrella was merely but a thin cover above him as the ice-rocks hit the ground beside him, some bouncing off his shoes. But Kai didn't feel the sharp stings of the sleet on his back or hands.

Instead, he noticed the icey shards turning into liquid drops just before they hit him. Kai's eyes widened in surprise when he realized the peculiarity of this but he pursed his lips into a thin line, deciding to take advantage of the situation.

When Kai reached the library, he shook the droplets of water off his coat as he shrugged out of it, entering the warm atmosphere inside. He had to get to work, and that was the most prominent thought inside his head as he forced himself to study and revise for the upcoming exam.

But in the back of his mind, he couldn't help but ignore what he'd just experienced.

Hail, rock hard daggers of water that should have stabbed him, had instead flowed off the surface of his skin in its liquid, almost warm, form. It wasn't humanly possible, so how had it transformed itself into something that could only have happened in his imagination?

The End

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