Chapter VI : Kai - Ripples on the Surface ☵

Chapter VI

Kai - Ripples on the Surface

The day started off rather strangely for Kai. He woke up to the loud smashes of hail against the ground outside. Staggering out of bed with a half-asleep mentality, he parted the curtains to see a sight he hadn't been expecting.

The sky above was gloomy, cramped with dark and stormy clouds that reigned the early morning. The rain from the previous evening hadn't calmed as it had poured through the night, falling heavily down on the Earth. But Kai had been too drowsy to notice, having gone to sleep the moment he'd snuck under the covers of the bed.

However, looking out, he could tell that the weather-man had given the wrong forecast on the news. It was going to be another one of those rainy days - very unusual weather for this time of the year.

But as Kai made his way to the bathroom, his eyes sweeped over the chair on which he'd rested his shirt. The rouge stain was still visible; seeing this, he knew better than to question the unprecedented change in the weather. 

So many things felt off in his life at the moment, this was just a minor part of it.

The End

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