Chapter V (Part Seven) : Ena - Dangerous Dances ☲

She didn't feel the sting she'd been expecting as her hands passed through the fire. Instead, her skin tingled in a pleasent, almost ticklish, sort of way. Ena's lips curved upwards into a small smile.


Two familiar screams echoed through her mind and she tugged her hand back, the flame disappearing when a stray tear escaped her eyes.

How could she have thought it to be beautiful? In all its glory, it was a fire that had killed her parents and praising it in her mind felt like a betrayal. Lifting her feet up to the surface of the seat, she hugged her knees to her chest, hiding her face as tears of confusion and anger poured down.

Whenever she heard someone call her 'abnormal', she'd never taken it to mean anything because it never had. But now, the realization of what she had just done dawned on her and she couldn't help but agree more. The next time someone called her the 'fire-starter' like she'd heard a whisper in the hallway, she would feel a sting. Because this time, she knew it was true.

The End

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