Chapter V (Part Two) : Ena - Dangerous Dances ☲

She took slow bites out of her cereal, not having that much of an appetite. After the accident that had occured on Friday, Ena had been hoping that every second would go slower so she wouldn't have to face the people at school today.

Even though it had been a weekend, Ena knew that Brian and the several other 'witnesses to her crime' would have spread the news to their friends. She was going to be judged and looked down upon, more so than usual. But that wasn't the reason why she felt the knots tighten in her stomach.

Ena felt strangely guilty for the fire. She hadn't caused it - she was confident about that. It would be absurd if she had a guilty conscience for something she hadn't done. Ena had adapted to the fact that she would never be part of the 'others' in school but when she left her house that morning, the queasiness she felt was inevitable.

What would the others say when they saw her?

Look! It's the girl that started the fire!

There was something off about her, that freak.

She could feel the voices in her head grow louder and she tried pushing them away but to no avail. Instead, she let the voices continue to give her a sneak peek of what the rest of the day was going to be like.

The End

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