Chapter IV (Part Eight) : Camden ☰

Sighing, she shook her head at him. "Of course not, I just want to know what went down."

He pursed his lips, knowing one way or another that his sister would get the truth out of him. Muttering, "Fine," he indulged into an explanation. "A few boys, around my age or so, were making fun of you. And one of them especially got on my nerves and that's the one that I-"

"Boxed down," she completed. Smiling, she leaned over and patted my arm. "You're so protective of me."

"You didn't hear what he said," Camden whispered, justifying my side.

"So tell me what he said."

His hands balled into fists once more, the storm outside now growing louder. Claira's eyes darted out the window, recognizing the white drops from the sky to be hail. "How the-"

"It doesn't really matter. I'll be fine," Camden said, taking hold of his sister's hand and pulling her away from the window and towards the door. "Good night Claira."

She opened her mouth to say something in response but Camden closed the door on her face, blocking her out. Sighing, he retreated back to his room, plopping down on the chair as he looked out the window. It matched his emotions - hurdles of anger he wish he could jump past but tripped instead, falling. The hail beat loudly against the ground outside, and on the rooftop of the house. Camden knew he won't be getting any sleep tonight for two reasons.

But little did he know that the weather had more connections to his own emotions than just metaphorically.

The End

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