Chapter IV (Part Six) : Camden ☰

Claira gasped, stopping midway when she absorbed the scene in front of her. Her eyes met her brother's for a second, unbelieving that Camden would do something like this. He was still writhing against the others' hold but the moment he saw Claira, he calmed down a little. The hint of a dark blush could be seen spreading through his face, one of outrage.

The sky above rumbled, a thunderous crack breaking through as lightning struck from a distance, illluminating the dark clouds of the night. The signs of a thunderstorm were showing but barely anyone noticed.

Claira stepped forward, taking hold of her brother's hand. "Calm down now," she said comfortingly. Their father made his way through as well, an expression of shock on his face which he quickly covered up. "Come on, let's go home."

The night was cut short, the rest of the play cancelled. All everyone could talk about was about the fight that had broken out. People came up to Camden, complimenting him on the hell of a punch he had but he was absent-minded to actualy care.

They drove in a silence that the car held, only the sound of the tires rolling against the road. Questions were popping up in Claira and her father's mind, on what had really went on.

Camden had never been one to snap so fast, so if something had pushed him to an extent of a physical fight it must have been huge. Both his sister and father were dying to know but held their tongues, scared that if they asked him, it might make the anger resurface once more.

The End

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