Chapter IV (Part Five) : Camden ☰

Before Camden could stop himself, he launched himself at the boy who'd said that. They fell back onto the ground, hard and Camden clenched his jaw tightly in anger, drawing his fist back before punching the guy hard on the face. A loud crack echoed through the air as the boy groaned in pain. Camden was about to have another go at him, when he felt the boy's friends pull him off.

A large crowd had gathered around to see what was going on. If Camden was in his right senses, he'd be shouting at himself right about now on 'how it's bad to make a scene in public'. He wasn't one to go around knocking the lights off of someone but this had pushed him over the edge. If he could get upset over anything as fast as he had now, it would be about his sister.

"Get off me!" He yelled, struggling against the tight holds of the others as he tried to get back at the boy. He looked severely injured, his neck tilted in a strange angle, lip cracked and bleeding. In fact, he was unconscious but Camden didn't care. All he wanted was to throttle the guy who'd just said something cheap about his sister.

"Cam!" A familiar voice rang through the air as Claira pushed her way through the crowd, trying to make her way to her brother. She was still in her costume, and it was out of limits for the cast to come out even during the intermission. But the evening had taken turn for something unprecedented.

The End

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