Chapter IV (Part Four) : Camden ☰

There was a large crowd around the refreshment table, with people talking and laughing with each other. At first thought, Camden had assumed that these people were like any others - just making small talk as they got some food. But it wasn't until he got closer that they were making fun of  someone.

"She can't even act, and if her voice isn't pitchy enough already..."

"Thinks she's a freaking opera singer."

Camden raised an eyebrow but didn't say a word at the four boys grouped around. He didn't want to interfere with anyone but as he grabbed the last can of soda for his dad, he couldn't help but overhear a little more.

"She plays the Baker's Wife right? The brunette?"

Camden froze, realizing that the four boys were talking about Claira. Anger surged through him when the previous comments they'd made punched him hard in the gut. He loved Claira and hearing someone insult her wasn't easy to tolerate.

"If her acting was even as good as her body, I wouldn't have considered my ten bucks spent for the ticket a waste."

The End

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