Chapter IV (Part Three) : Camden ☰

Claira slipped out of view once she directed her brother and father to the stage. Apparently, the show was running late due to 'one missing actress' and Claira gave the most murderous look she could muster up at her brother before running backstage.

"Well this is going to be exciting," the father said, feigning sarcasm. He'd been too so many of his daughter's plays that the one tonight would be another addition to his long list. The tone wasn't intended towards that fact though but towards the presence of Camden for tonight's musical.

Catching this, he gave his dad a sheepish grin before settling down onto a free seat. The audience's attention was brought to the stage when a loud pong reverberated through the air. The curtains drew apart and all of the principals stood, beginning their first and introductory song.

 Claira stood in the middle, dancing and singing with a wide smile on her face. Her eyes were fixed on two people in the crowd who watched her, giving her a thumbs up.

The audience loved the performances of each actor/actress on stage, clapping loudly with whistles and positive cheers. It was a musical, mixed in with witty dialogue and songs that pumped up the atmosphere. When intermission started, the whole audience chattered happily, most of the people leaving their seats to get a few snacks.

"You want anything, dad?" Camden asked as he got up. His father nodded, answering, "A diet coke, and some french fries would be heavenly."

Camden smiled, and moved through the aisle, heading towards the refreshment table.

The night was going great. It was, until that point.

The End

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