Chapter IV (Part Two) : Camden ☰

Camden quickly got changed into jeans and a full length blue shirt, hurrying out of his room and bouncing down the stairs where his father and little sister were waiting for him. Claira was too tense to give her brother a return smile to the one he flashed her; instead, she headed out the front door wordlessly, expecting the two others to follow.

And they did. Camden's father shot his son a look and muttered quietly, "She's going to kill you if we don't make it on time." Camden groaned on the inside and gave a wary nod in reply, hoping to the fullest that what he dreaded wouldn't happen.

Fortunately enough, Claira and Camden's father drove at an insane speed and thy arrived at the school in less than fifteen minutes. The moment Claira saw that others were still arriving on campus for the show, she cheered up.

"Seems we're not late at all, are we?" Camden nudged his sister indirectly for forgiveness but she cut him off with a half-stern, "It still takes me a long time to get changed into my costume, so we'll have to see."

She always had an answer ready at hand.

The End

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