Chapter IV : Camden ☰

Chapter IV


"Cam! Cam! Camden!"

A figure from underneath the thick mess of blankets bolted straight up, eyes wide open as he looked around the room. What's going on? Worry was the first thing to strike the seventeen year old boy as his crystal blue eyes swept from side to side, interrogating the situation in front of him. But all he met was the impatient look of his younger sister near the doorway - Claira as she tapped her feet against the surface of the wooden floor, arms crossed in front of her chest.

"You said you were taking a short nap. Two and a half hours is short to you, is it?"

Camden's eyes flickered to the clock which hung on the wall opposite him. It read a quarter to seven and he muttered a curse underneath his breath as he approached his sister, arms up by his side.

"Clay, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to-"

"Yeah, yeah, quit apologising bro and get dressed fast. Otherwise, we're going to be later than we already are." Claira didn't say a word more as she marched down the hall and descended the stairs.

Camden sighed, knowing he'd really blown it. The last time he'd promised to show up at one of his sister's theatre performances was a week ago. But due to getting caught up at school for an English class term paper, he hadn't been able to make it.

But this time was inexcusable. He'd fallen asleep and he knew that if his family was going to be late for Claira's musical tonight, she would definitely be the death of him.

The End

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