Chapter III (Part Six) : Daphne ☷

The blood started to appear in fat droplets on her skin, which now burned. She wasn't sure if what she'd stepped on was a shard of glass, a sharp edge of metal or a thorn but it had cut her pretty deep and in multiple areas.

Daphne had a feeling she wouldn't be able to walk without having a limp added to it. That woudln't be good at all if she wanted to get away any farther than she already had. 

Groaning, she rested her head against the tree and sunk her fingers into the soil as she tried to ignore the continuous pops of pain. What was she going to do now? She'd never stopped to think of where she was heading but now the realization came tumbling down on her.

In a forest, alone, at night.

Who knew - maybe she'd just put herself into more danger! No food, no shelter, and no defensive skills or armor to ward off dangerous animals. At the start, Daphne had found the forest the best choice because it was the only one available to her. But then there was something of a tug inside her heart, when her feet had met the soft grass. It was like a heart beat from underneath the ground that urged her in that direction.

Daphne shook those thoughts away. I haven't had a drop of sleep - that's what's making me think crazy.

But deep inside, she knew she'd felt it; the vibration of the ground against her own heart as she'd run... No matter how much she denied that, it won't stop being true. And that's what scared her the most.

The End

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