Chapter III (Part Five) : Daphne ☷

Daphne continued to run through the forest and she pushed herself on when she felt breathless. She wanted to be as far away as she possibly could but there was a limit to how much she could take. Pausing, she leaned against the bark of a willow tree for support, panting heavily in an attempt to catch her breath back.

The muscles of her legs felt sore, and she took the only option she had to relax the cramp and sat down on the soft soil. Breathing in and out slowly, she looked around her, having no idea where she'd led herself to.

Running into the forest had been more of an impulse in that split second. She'd originally intended to go for the highway and hope that a van or bus of some sort could stop by and offer her a ride to the nearest city. But things hadn't gone like she'd wanted them to.

Sighing, she looked down at her foot, patting off the rich soil that had stuck to it. Her heel was torn in some places, the epidermis showing slightly as blood replaced the view. Daphne hadn't felt the prick of the sharp thorns as she'd been running. But the sting of it could now be felt.

She leaned back against the tree, making contact with the hard bark as she touched the falling skin but immediately snapped her hand back at the electric and painful jolt that rang through her foot.

Maybe I should have packed a little.

Daphne grimaced; she'd been concentrating too much on escaping to think about the practical side of what she'd need once she'd met her target.

The End

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