Chapter III (Part Four) : Daphne ☷

She didn't wait to get caught. Instead, Daphne started to run against the cool wind of the night, ignoring the overwhelming anxiety that took over her. Questions, and doubts of whether she'd get taken back sprung up in her mind.

Daphne had never been caught live on escape before, and this was big to her because even if she managed to run away, they'd always be able to trace her whereabouts.

Being confined within a prison with questions that go unanswered all the time, desires left unfulfilled and the world waiting for her to be explored drove her over the edge of madness.

She ran, the soles of her feet making hard contact against the grass beneath her, soon replaced by soil as she hauled herself over the edge of the iron gate that seperated the orphanage from the forest ahead of it. She heard the voices, now more than one shout at her to get back but she was heedless to the demands of those who didn't matter to her.

Never once had she known her parents, never once had she lived anywhere besides a plain white room, with other people who questioned the world outside as much as she did. But now she had the chance to run, and she wouldn't let it go.

The End

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