Chapter III (Part Three) : Daphne ☷


Opening the door only the slightest amount possible, Daphne slipped her slim body through it, closing the door as softly as possible behind her. Her eyes sweeped through the narrow hallway that stretched on either side of her. With not a sign of anyone approaching, she took quick steps, making her way towards the end of the hall which connected her to her exit - the backyard.

Daphne could feel her heart thudding furiously against her chest. Freedom - she hadn't tasted it in so long but she could feel the seductive touches of soon having her own life back in her hands as it seeped through her heart. She opened the door violently, taking her step out as she breathed in the scent of the fresh grass. It was somewhat of a comfort, of a sign that maybe just her life may take a change for the better.

That was until she heard the voice, the very familiar one that had only ordered everyone to sleep three hours ago.

"Daphne Meyer!"

She froze, questions racing through her mind - her plan had failed. She was going to be imprisoned into the sickening atmosphere of the orphanage again. But one thought stood out, screaming at her to do something, fast.

I've been spotted.

The End

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