Chapter III (Part Two) : Daphne ☷

She got up slowly, the bed sheet rustling very little as she straightened her posture on the bed. Looking over the edge of the mattress, she noticed that the floor was a few feet down. A crash landing would mean waking up the person below her, and quite possibly, the entire room. She didn't want to risk that but Daphne knew that the skills she'd obtained from her previous experiences wouldn't go to waste.

Curling her toes, she got ready as she let her feet swing over the surface of the mattress. Taking a deep breath, she lifted herself off the bed, her muscles tightening as she dropped herself softly on the floor. Quiet as a cat, her feet landed on the surface of the wood, and she let her breath out.

Daphne left her sandals unworn as she carefully tip-toed across the room, not making any noise at all. She'd stayed here for more than a month now, and knew the spots at which the wood would make loud creaks to give her away. But even with the darkness around her, she was extra careful - her senses peaked and ready for the unexpected.

Hand curling around the doorknob, she stared at the shadows that appeared from the slit underneath the door, waiting for the right moment to get out. When all she received was a beam of metallic-blue light, she opened the door slightly, peeking through a crack. The hallway was empty.

The End

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