Chapter III : Daphne ☷

Chapter III


"Lights out!"

A voice rung through the hall. The girls in the room groaned simultaneously. They hated going to bed early but they couldn't disobey the order. One of them, tall and thin with mousy brown hair, got up, staggering lazily over to turn off the switch.

Soon, darkness settled in around them, but the voices of the girls whispering to each other could be heard distinctly. Moonlight streamed in through the slightly open curtains, resting squarely on the top bunk on the third row.

Her sapphire blue eyes appeared as two jade orbs when the moonlight reflected off them, wide open. She lay on her side, ears perked up and staring at the bunk in front of her where her fellow dorm-mate was under her bed sheet with a flash light on, reading a book.

Daphne felt impatient, waiting for the minutes to pass by so she could carry out another one of her escape plans. She couldn't contain herself any more, in this little shack of a place they called 'home'. Orphanages sickened her, and this was the fifth one she'd been moved to.

Her blood raced in anticipation as the seconds ticked by. She waited, hearing the voices grow smaller in volume and the silhouette of the girl in the opposite bunk was soon slumped, as she fell down.

Silent snores echoed softly through the room and Daphne looked at her glow-in-the-dark watch. She'd found it on one of her recent raids and decided to keep it, thinking it be useful. And oh it was, no longer did she have to guess what time it was when she put her plans to action.

1:30 A.M.

Here we go.

The End

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