Chapter II (Part Five) : Kai ☵

You're not worthy, you never have been. Kai downgraded himself in his mind, his voice lashing out at his inner conscience. Just when I thought I was getting better at all of this...

Sighing, he ran his hands through his hair as he stepped back into the elevator, this time having no interruptions. His room was on the first floor so it was a quick journey there. Within a few minutes, he was in, surrounded by the sight of his neat bookshelf, made-up bed and open curtains through which the on-going storm could be seen.

Kai collapsed onto the bed, dropping his face into his hands as he let out a deep groan. He'd screwed up another one of his chances, to be like Connor and Logan. Being the youngest of the children in his family, his parents expected the most of him. They'd given him the best education yet out of everyone in the family, and believed that the improving era of technology should only benefit him in surpassing his brothers.

But the pressure wasn't as easy to cope with. He had to be perfect - have top-notch grades, have a well-known status within the school such as valedictorian (which he had achieved) and other responsibilities like School Prefect or such.

"Your brothers have done their share to please us, Kai. Now it's your turn to do just the same."

They tried to be as indirect as they could with the way they'd shown Kai their expectations but he only felt like a boulder was placed on his shoulders, one that had been weighing him down for all these years.

Tugging in frustration at the strands of his hair, he groaned as the past memories of his parents dropping their little warnings flashed through his mind. Then he felt something, like a liquid oozing through his shirt. Looking down, he noticed a dark stain forming on the surface of the half-dry top he was wearing. It looked like water but had a red tinge in it.

What the-?

His eyes flickered to the bedside table as he reached for a tissue to try and wipe it off somehow before it sunk further, but his hand froze mid-way. The thorned roses in his vase were dry, almost lifeless. The petals looked wilted, the red tint completely disappeared.

Almost like its very life source had been sucked out of it.

The End

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