Chapter II (Part Three) : Kai ☵

They'd met during his first day at the school. He'd been having lunch in the cafeteria, seated alone as he picked at his very unappealing food when a girl, with short black hair and a friendly smile on her face, plopped herself down next to him. That was the first time he'd seen that sparkle in her eyes and it definitely hadn't been the last.

"So what are your plans for the rest of the day?" Her question snapped him out of his temporary time travel into the past and her face glazed back into view. He shrugged in answer to her question.

"The usual. I have my Physics mid-term tommorow so will be studying for it. Just following my daily routine."

Moira nodded, grinning at Kai in a playful manner. "Too bad my mid-terms are already over for the semester. I pity you at the moment." She paused, about to say something else when reconsidering it and shook her head. Sensing the hesitance, Kai raised an eyebrow.

"What is it?"

She shook her head again, biting down on her lower lip.


She winced at the tone Kai used on her, the one she so hated to hear. It was a more of a demand than an actual threat like one might imagine but Kai wanted to know what was going on, and when he did, he always got down to the bottom of it.

Sighing, Moira gave into his wish and cautiously whispered, "Your parents called." She looked up, waiting for something of a reaction but not getting one, continued, "It was something about you not getting that research scholarship to that university you'd applied to. They told me to pass on the message to you."

Kai stayed quiet for a while, his eyes still fixed on Moira's face. There was more to it. "And what else did they say?"

Moira looked pained, casting her eyes down to the floor. "They compared you to your older brothers."

Pursing his lips, Kai nodded, not letting a single emotion leak onto his face.

But in his mind, he thought 'Of course they had'.

The End

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