Chapter II (Part Two) : Kai ☵

He frowned, looking down at himself as questions entered his mind on how that was even possible. But he shrugged it away, knowing there were more important matters at hand than figuring the mystery behind this minor experience. If anything at all, he should be feeling grateful, not curious. Though, Kai being Kai, it was only just natural.

Sighing, he shook his head, whipping out the remaining drops of the rain that clung to the strands. Making his way towards the elevator, he pressed on the down arrow and automatically, the doors opened, his eyes meeting the familiar gray ones of his best friend. "Kai! Where have you been?" She stepped out before he could get in, pulling him aside and back to the lobby.

"Music practice, I slipped a note into your room, Moira. Didn't you get it?"

"I did but seeing the storm break out, I got a little worried that you might not be able to make it on your own." There was not a hint of sarcasm in her voice but genuine concern, which made Kai roll his eyes to himself.

"You worry too much," he said softly, ruffling Moira's short black hair as she gave him a lop-sided smile in return. "Besides, I'm eighteen years of age - it would just be abnormal of me to be scared of the rain."

"In case you haven't noticed, you're far from ever being normal," she teased, sticking out her tongue. Grinning, he pinched her cheek lightly. The childish twinkle of her stormy eyes comforted him. Kai had known Moira for five years now, ever since he'd joined the school.

After being sent from home to attend the well prestiged private boarding academy, he'd thought that it would be a living hell. The idea of having his own room which he would have to clean and keep neat for himself, and an independent life intimidated him at thirteen years of age. But Moira had made the transition so much easier.

The End

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