Chapter II : Kai ☵

Chapter II


The brunt of the hard rain pelted down on his back as Kai ran through the campus as fast as he could, heading for the shelter of his residential building which was just a few blocks away.

It was a thunderstorm that he hadn't expected to strike that afternoon. He'd been making his way back from the Arts building when he felt one rain drop, then another. He didn't have to look up to confirm what he'd doubted of happening, and soon, showers poured down on him.

As his shoes squeaked loudly against the wet tarmac of the pavements, he hoped he wouldn't fall short of a cold because of this sudden surprise. Kai was having his last mid-term exam tommorow and he certainly wouldn't want to disappoint anyone, especially his parents, with low marks.

It wasn't until he found himself a shelter did he realize that he wasn't soaked as well enough as someone who'd been under the rain for at least five minutes. The tips of his dirty blonde hair were streaked with drops of rain that slid slowly off the edges, falling. His t-shirt was wet around the collar with a few deep patches of water sprinkled here and there but not enough to make him truly worried about falling sick.

That's strange.

The End

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