Chapter I (Part Six) : Ena ☲

A fire, appearing from thin air; with no other logical explanation and all they could find to blame was her.

"Hypocritical really, for you to be acting innocent," Brian scoffed. He crossed his arms in front of his bare chest, eyes locking with hers as a smirk lifted the corners of his lips.

"Let me get this straight," her tone shook in unreleased screams of frustration. "You catch fire, and I'm the one to blame. Just because I'm not one of you."

Ena could tell that a few of the others knew she was right; that it was impractical for them to think that she could have thrown a match or done something else to start a fire from such a distance. Some of them looked quizzical at the thought, others puzzling over what had just happened and almost looking cautious. But the rule that they'd assigned themselves of Ena being 'different', blocked them from seeing the bigger picture as they suspected her.

But she couldn't control her emotions anymore. Standing up, she slung her bag over her shoulder and made her way to the front till she was within hearing distance of the driver. "Stop the bus."



There was an urgency, an impatient demand that couldn't be resisted as it compelled the middle-aged driver to step on the brakes, pulling up near a curb on the street. The doors opened and Ena stepped down but before her feet met the floor of the street, she turned back and looked directly at the others. "I don't need to prove myself to any of you for as far I'm concerned, you're all just scum."

Brian's grin faded away, his mouth pursing into a tight line but Emilie, his sister, answered on his behalf. "Speak for yourself."

Without another word, Ena stepped down onto the pavement, walking away fast as she rounded the corner of the street, wanting to be out of view. Bitter tears spilled over, hot against her cheeks but she wiped them away like she did every time before. Because crying would only be a waste of time; there was nothing to provoke such an outbreak as she always convinced herself into believing.

But the guilt that spread inside of her was new. This time, she really felt responsible. Not for the fire, but for the painful memories of the past that it had triggered. 

The End

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