Chapter I (Part Five) : Ena ☲

Her breaths grew shallow as she felt the past emotions resurfacing. They swelled through her chest, causing her to feel asphyxiated as the images replayed itself in front of her eyes. Tears started to prick the corner of her eyes as the choking sensation of her throat started to kick in but she suppressed her emotions, gulping them back.

Her eyes wavered for the lightest second, moving to meet the faces of the others. Most of them had fear written across as the main emotion, eyes wide and unbelieving of what had just happened. It's not everyday that a random fire starts on a school bus.

Her eyes fixed on Brian's face. As freaked out as he must have been feeling in his head, he started to doubt the possibilties Ena having something to do with it all.  But she couldn't believe that the thought had entered his mind. How could he possibly be suspicious of her?

The others turned to look over at her, the same alien expressions on their faces, overclouding the shock that was previously written on them. Ena felt a furious blush rise through her cheeks, an irritation flood through her as she glared at the all of them, pushing aside all the previous emotions.

"You think I did this?" Her voice shook in anger, teetering on the edge of a tantrum as she stared intensely at those accusing her.

"Why not? It's the only just and reasonable explanation," Brian's sister said curtly. Ena felt her hands tremble in anger. She formed them into fists by her side, clenching her jaw tightly as she bit down on her tongue that was on the verge of cursing the all of them.

The End

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