Chapter I (Part Four) : Ena ☲

"Brian, are you okay?" The other students closest to the boy crowded around him, eyes sweeping over his naked torso to check if the fire had burnt his skin anywhere but he was perfectly fine, physically. His brown eyes were fixed to his now burnt t-shirt, an expression of confusion crossing his face which in the next second, transformed to one of fury.

Brian turned around abruptly, glaring at the people that sat in the row behind him. They stared back at him, wide-eyed and innocent but before the two boys could stop him, he grabbed the front of their shirts, yanked them forward, shouting, "Which of you did it?"

"What?" A voice squeaked as the struggled against his firm hold, trying to free themselves off the towering jock's grasp. But Brian didn't fall for it, believing it to be one of them.

"You two have always hated me, I know that. But to go to the extent of starting a fire? That's just out of the question!" He spat at them, eyes searching for something that would give them away of what he thought they had done. But they shook their heads furiously, pleading him to let go.

Brian released his clutch, as the two boys staggered back down to their seats, rubbing the now heavily wrinkled material of their tops. But Brian wasn't one to play; he wanted to get to the bottom of this. It's impossible for a fire to start from thin air, and so he interrogated all those seated around him, trying to figure out if this was some kind of a sick prank.

Meanwhile, Ena sat on her seat, her hands gripping her armrest tightly. Her eyes were wide, fixed on the spot at which she'd seen the flames. Memories flashed through her head of that one night - the night of her twelfth birthday. A small candle that exploded into one huge flame, resulting in the death of the two people she loved most in her life.

The End

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