Chapter I (Part Three) : Ena ☲

The sound of the old school-bus tires scratching noisily against the surface of the road disturbed Ena. Her eyebrows smashed together as she frowned, trying to block that annoying noise. If the headache she was currently having wasn't already enough, the irritating screams of the bus were starting to get at her.

She muttered a silent curse, staring angrily out the window as her fingers drummed impatiently against her leg. She placed an order on time to pass faster than it was at that moment, wishing and pushing it to get her to the small, cottage-like structure of her house as soon as it could.

Till she arrived at her destination, she blocked out the sounds of everyone around her and of the bus, popping in her earphones as she flicked through random songs on her iPod. But nothing seemed to work. The migraine grew harsher, gnawing at the inside of her head as she groaned weakly, massaging her temples with her cool fingers.

The burning grew, sensations mounting painfully over one another and she released a ragged breath. Ena wanted to release the sharp stings that shot through her head - she'd had it before so it was no stranger to her but the intensity of it now was different. Gripping her eyes shut, she squeezed them tightly and willed the furious pounding inside her forehead away.

That was when she heard it; shouts. Ena's head snapped up to look at the students that were a few rows ahead of her. One of the two twins was shrugging out of his shirt as quickly as possible as his sister tried to help him. Bright flames danced on the surface of his blue top, and the scent of burning cotton spread through the air.

Ena stared at the sight, at the expression of alarm but more of fear on the boy's face. He threw the shirt on the ground, stomping on it and successfully putting out the fire as he stared incredulously at himself, and at the others. But Ena sat frozen, in a statue-like manner, her green eyes wide.

The odour of fire's recent feed, and the red waves that had emanated in front of her brought back memories she'd been trying to lock away in her mind; the night of her parent's death.

The End

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