Chapter I (Part Two) : Ena ☲

The other students filed into the bus, speaking and laughing with their friends as most teenagers their age would do. They pretended to be oblivious to the fact that Ena existed, on a mission of some sort to avoid her. No one peeked from a corner, instead they had their eyes completely averted from the back row. But to Ena, this was just part of the normal routine.

When the bus stirred to life, edging forward, she leaned her head against the glass pane of the window, staring out at the several buildings that they passed by. Glimpses of red bricks, then that of cement...colors whirled in front of her eyes but Ena's mind was elsewhere.

She knew what awaited her home; house chores. She'd have to clean, do the dishes, sort out the laundry, iron the clothes...she had to do everything. After the passing away of her parents in the fire, she'd moved in with the only living relative she had left - her grandmother. And Grandma Josephine wasn't all that enthusiastic with Ena living in her house. In fact, Grandma Josephine acted in such an obvious way to show that, dropping direct hints that she wanted Ena out of the house as soon as possible.

But she couldn't go anywhere yet. Her parents had been rich, they'd toiled hard enough to be defined as a 'high-class family' within the society. But the fortune they'd alloted for her in the will could only be received when she was officially an adult. Ena still had a year left before she could.

Until then, she'd have to wipe away the dreams of rebuilding the life that had fallen to pieces after her parents' death. But for now, she would have to accept the fact that that dream was easily achievable in imagination, but miles away in reality.

The End

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