Chapter I : Ena ☲

Chapter I


The school bell rang shrilly overhead, signifying freedom for the students of Greenville Public High School. They poured out into the cramped hallway, chattering loudly as they moved in quick and long strides towards the exit. But among the several others, one particular person within the crowd, stood out like a sore thumb.

The color of her skin - that of an early winter snow - was one of the most prominent features about her. Most of the other teenagers were tan as at this time around the year, the sun had its habit of making quite an appearence. But it didn't have an effect on the, almost, translucent skin of the girl. Her frame was weak as she took small steps forward, following her fellow school-mates out to the car park.

Silence was her friend throughout the short journey. Her dark red hair hung on either side of her face, blanketing her from the view of the others as she headed towards the school bus, emerald eyes stuck to the surface of the ground.

Ena liked it this way, she was used to having no friends and no accomplices by her side. She'd grown much too comfortable with it to have the slightest idea of ever having a real 'friend', as they called it, to enter her mind. After all, she would only be relying on false hope. Everyone knew to stay away from her.

The words "unnatural", "creep", "pariah", or "retarded" were often used to describe her. She'd hear people whisper sometimes, when she walked by herself with only just a dark shadow and the voices in her head as company. Ena had shunned the remarks aside but she was still human; she had emotions.

Mounting the school bus, she made her way to the farthest row, way at the back. It was her aisle, her 'kingdom' to reign on the bus. No one dared to come sit next to the outcast.

And that was exactly what Ena wanted.

The End

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