Prologue (Part 3)

"You're all being rash about this." A sharp voice cut through the air, revulsion towards the very idea of what was about to take place so clear in the tone. Pyrros glared at Ariel, whose idea this had been. His hands clenched by his side, unwilling to do his part of the job as the fire in his eyes grew intense, hating every second of this.

"If anyone's closest to ever having been 'rash' in the first place, it would be you brother," she answered in her calm tone, giving him a mocking smile. His jaw clenched and he looked away. As much as Pyrros wanted to deny it, he knew that they were in this predicament because of that one reckless mistake.

Running his hands through his midnight-black hair, he groaned internally but knew better than to argue with someone as stubborn as the Goddess of the Sky. Sighing, he gave her a firm nod.

"Then I guess this is it," Ariel whispered softly. She felt her hands tremble in Landon's and he smiled at her, attempting an encouraging one but it didn't give her any strength. She never liked change, but this one would be the only way. They would have to die, to live on.

"Are you sure we have no other way to do this?" Pyrros asked again. The flame in his eyes flickered, almost completely diminished at the idea of what was going to happen. But the answer he got was the same as the last time he'd asked.


Three eyes focused on Marina who knew what she had to do. Grimly, she closed her eyes, concentrating her mind on the dormant powers of the spirit that lay inside of her. A warmth flooded into her and she expanded on it using her mind, and as she did, a blue aura emanated from her, growing larger and larger into a disc-like figure till it surrounded them all.

I will you.

A ripple shattered through the surface of the circular ball that held them together, finally complete. Marina opened her eyes, that were now a startling electric blue.

"It's ready."

Marina turned to meet Pyrros who sighed, knowing it was his turn to finish this off. He didn't want to but he would be the final element to spark it off. A sad smile made its way to his face as his lips forced into an upwards curve. "I hope we're together in the next life, as we have been in this one." Her baby blue orbs sparkled for the shortest second as she smiled back at her lover. "So do I."

Landon gave a soft kiss to Ariel on the cheek who forced a smile to her face. "The Goddess of the Sky should be my moon from this life, to the next." She nodded.

"I will be."

They all smiled at each other, the last time in their current lives that they would be together. And then, the moment came. Landon led the others so that they stood straight on the line, between the Realm of the Gods and that of the Spiritual World. Holding hands, they stood still and closed their eyes, each reaching into their inner selves to find the ultimate key to their powers. Once grasped, they held onto it tight as Pyrros started the spark.

It was a wisp, barely just a tear of fire on the surface of the sea bed. His eyes flashed open, dancing in dangerous flames as his hands interlaced tightly with the others. Then they each felt it, a burning. It seeped through their veins, activating their nerve points as power surged through them, overcoming the pain.

An inferno broke out within the blue field that suppressed the release that grew stronger and stronger. Each of them shook as Fire met Water, and Earth met Sky, truly merging as one.

A schism broke through the line of the Worlds, tearing apart as they let go completely, in one, quick second. The field withstood the blistering heat of the inferno as it gnawed away at the electric seams but to no avail.

Fire within the Ocean, Earth beneath the Sky; beautiful but deadly.

The End

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