Prologue (Part 2)

The two delved deeper into the ocean but the chill of the water could not be felt by both. Landon was the Father of the Earth, and Ariel, the Mother of the Sky. In their spirit forms, they couldn't feel the touch of the ocean floor against their feet but their senses were aroused like never before.

"May I?" Silk against velvet, a voice spoke softly through the air. Ariel turned to look at Marina whose blonde hair flew as elegantly as the water that danced on the surface of the ocean. Ariel couldn't help but notice that the mischievous twinkle that would so often play around in the eyes of the Ocean Goddess was absent. Nevertheless, Ariel gave her accomplice a firm nod, who took a step forward into the water.

Breathing deeply, Marina let go of her spirit form, the passion surging through her and enhancing her powers. Soon, she felt the sand between her toes and the water sneaking in through the cracks to steal it away. She raised up her arms slowly in front of her, hands balled up into fists. The water heard her call, obeyed it. In that second, she released her fist, and in an almost forceful tug, a huge ripple reverberated through the ocean as it split. The crystal blue water divided, repelling away from its own in as it formed tall walls on either side of the Goddess. She dropped her hands to her side, looking at her work before nodding at the others.

Landon was the first to take slow steps forward, leading the way through the sea bed. This was his job, he was the only one from the four that knew the point at which the four Gods would all connect. His sense of direction was never wrong as he showed the way to the others.

But unlike Marina, he couldn't feel the moisture of the sand but instead, sensed the life in it, that had once swum around. It called to him, like echoes in his mind. But Landon shunned it away, knowing he had a bigger job at hand.

The pull of the ground against his feet urged him to walk faster but he knew not to anger the others. This had been his mistake. And now, he wouldn't want to disappoint more than he already had.

Seconds turned into minutes that passed slowly, in a dreadful movement of time that felt like it was locked in place. None of them wanted this, they were tipping off the Grand Balance with the very steps they took closer to the line that had once been drawn. But this was necessary. Otherwise, they wouldn't be as foolhardy to take their chances.

"We're here," Landon whispered. He looked down at the surface of the sand, the faintest hint of a thin line sparkled on it, visible to only him and him only; the crossing of the Spiritual Realm to the Gods' Realm, the point at which all four Gods would be one.

The End

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