Potential's Sanctuary

The God of the Eternal Flame, The Goddess of the Ocean, The God of Agriculture and the Goddess of the Sky; some believed they were only just myths. Others knew better.
When the four are forced into a death they hadn't predicted, not only did they affect the Grand Balance but the fates of four, modern-day teenagers changed forever.
An enthralling story of an action-packed twenty-first century fantasy.
A predestined rule can change more than just the future - it can change the world.


The mist was a thin line of glowing violet that dissipated in the evening horizon as a foreboding silence settled into the air. Four figures walked gracefully across the forest, in a silence that was feared to be broken as they neared the sandy shores.The slight crunch of the dry leaves under their feet was all that could be heard in the pin-drop silence of the night.

The water lapped softly against the surface of the beach, the scene as calm as could be. The four of them neared the surface. They knew not what they were doing, but they all knew they had no choice.

The creamy clouds above parted ways, shining the silver beams of moonlight down on the group, showing clearly that they were different from others. Their being was spiritual, almost transparent as they seemed to hover above ground, garments hanging loosely by their sides in contrast with the heavy winds of the night.

One of them gave a sardonic smile, his green eyes glinting in a wry and humorous way as he said, "Trying to set up the scene, are you Ariel?" He turned to face the woman who stood to his right. Her milky white hair, flowed down to her waist, as the color of the night sky shone in her eyes. She acknowledged his comment but didn't say anything, not knowing where to start.

Landon had always liked to make a scene, to try and 'laugh things up' a little. But the serene expressions on all their faces was a give-away to how they felt on the inside. It was unnatural for them, as humans to feel this way. They'd lived their lives for centuries as one of the people, disguised themselves for the Greater Good.

But it was downright out of line for them to be unsure as Gods. You had to know what to do, you had to play by the rules. But certain times, their situations grew unegotiable and this was one of those times.

"I control the sky, not the moon," Ariel whispered softly in reply to Landon's previous comment. She looked up at the vast blanket of velvet, and felt an odd tug in her heart. The sky was hers and she would be losing it in this life.

A tear felt appropriate to Ariel but the emotion was a stranger to her ways as she moved closer to the shore. Landon followed her, slipping his hand into hers as he gave it a light squeeze. There would be no turning back now.

The End

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